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Imitation porcelain melamine tableware is used correctly




Imitation porcelain melamine tableware is used correctly

The melamine tableware is sought after by the public because of its characteristics such as being difficult to break

The melamine tableware is sought after by the public because of its characteristics such as being difficult to break, bright color and low price. In recent years, a large number of melamine tableware have entered our lives.


This kind of melamine tableware, also known as melamine tableware, is made of melamine and formaldehyde resin. Many people do not know that it will release melamine and formaldehyde monomer at high temperature, which may cause misuse in home and restaurant...


The public reflected that the imitation porcelain bowl was heated by the oven at a high temperature.


On May 30, the porcelain reporter from China received a response from Mr. Li, saying that the bowls used in a snack shop in Jianggan District of Hangzhou were all made of imitation porcelain, which was often heated in an oven at 300 degrees Celsius.


Mr. Li told the China Library of China, the main material used in this bowl is melamine and formaldehyde resin, also known as melamine tableware, which is a kind of melamine tableware. If you add color to the tableware, more poison will be released in an environment with a temperature higher than 120 degrees Celsius. These poisons are integrated into the soup in the bowl, and people will definitely cause serious harm to human health after long-term consumption.


Mr. Wang said that he saw those bowls being blackened and scorched, and many people ate like that, and they were worried. He said that these bowls can't be separated from the outside by the original color. Putting the cutlery into the microwave to heat the food, consumers don't know if it is harmful.


He reminded that this meal has a suitable temperature. If the temperature exceeds 120 degrees, don't dare to use the tableware, and don't put the tableware in the microwave to heat it. For the melamine tableware sold on the farmer's market without any indication, the reliability is even worse.


Porcelain China reporter experience: "There are more than 200 degrees Celsius in the bowl."


At noon on the 4th, the Chinese reporter of the porcelain library came to the second floor of the supermarket reflected by Mr. Wang. In that snack bar, the Chinese reporter of the porcelain library ordered the bridge rice noodle. The waiter first brought the rice noodles and the ingredients to the side dishes, and then used the tray to boil the half bowl of soup. The waiter put a bowl of hot porcelain in front of the Chinese reporter in the porcelain library with a thick cotton cloth, and then skillfully put the ingredients into the bowl.


When the Chinese reporter of the porcelain library used the bowl, he was burnt. The waiter kindly reminded: "There are more than 200 degrees Celsius in this bowl, be careful not to be hot!"


The porcelain reporter from China asked the waiter: "How is the soup in this bowl and bowl heated to such a high temperature?"


Waiter: "This is baked in a high-temperature oven. The temperature in the oven is more than 300 degrees Celsius. How can this raw meat be cooked?"


Porcelain China reporter asked: "How high is the oven temperature?" Waiter: "The minimum is above 300 (Celsius)." The Chinese reporter of the porcelain library found that all the rice noodle bowls on the table were baked. Black, I can't see the true colors at all.


When the Chinese reporter from the porcelain library interviewed the person in charge behind the store, she admitted that the bowl used was a melamine tableware. When the Chinese reporter from the porcelain library told her that the tableware would emit toxic substances when heated at temperatures above 120 degrees Celsius, she was surprised: "I don't know."


Random survey: some citizens do not know how to use melamine tableware


In the past two days, Chinese reporters from the porcelain library visited several supermarkets. These melamine tableware were placed on the shelves, mainly including dishes, fruit bowls, water cups and three-plates and small rice bowls for infants and young children. "These tableware with anime patterns are not easy to break, and the sales are very good." A supermarket staff told reporters.


Is it toxic after long-term use of melamine tableware or after heating at high temperature? Under what circumstances is it safe to use? The supermarket waiter said "unclear." In a supermarket, the waiter who is loading the goods said: "These products all have QS logo, there should be no quality problems." She told the porcelain reporters that she only used it at minus 30 degrees Celsius to 120 degrees Celsius. The reporter noticed that the tableware was marked with the QS mark and stated that it was “non-toxic, tasteless, and resistant to falling, and the temperature could not exceed 120 degrees Celsius”, but did not indicate which foods were suitable for holding.


In a supermarket, Ms. Zhang said: "My family has several such tableware. The three-year-old son likes to eat with it." For how to buy and use the tableware properly, Ms. Zhang said with a smile, I really don't. know. The Chinese reporters in the porcelain library randomly asked seven middle-aged women on the street. Among them, five of them had such tableware, and they did not know how to use them properly.


Experts say: melamine tableware must be "detoxified" at high temperatures


When a Chinese reporter from a porcelain library interviewed a university professor, the professor said that the melamine tableware was made by polymerizing melamine and formaldehyde resin, and it is a new environmentally friendly material. Because it is light, washable, and not brittle, it is loved by people. However, it is highly likely to precipitate melamine and formaldehyde at high temperatures. Melamine itself is less toxic and has poor solubility. After smoking, it will crystallize into stones in the kidney, which will cause harm to the human body. Formaldehyde is a recognized carcinogen. It is safer to use this type of tableware as long as it does not exceed 120 degrees Celsius. The professor clearly pointed out: "Melamine tableware is strictly prohibited to heat at high temperatures. It is heated in an oven above 300 degrees Celsius. The bowls are black and charred. The toxic substances will definitely migrate out, but the amount of migration is needed and further research is needed."


He cautioned that melamine tableware must be used within a range of no more than 120 degrees Celsius; do not use this tableware to heat food in a microwave oven to avoid injury to the body.


To remind you: buying and using melamine tableware is very particular


Yesterday, the Chinese reporter of the porcelain library interviewed a leader of the Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision. He said: "When buying melamine tableware products, you should first choose products that have passed QS certification, that is, products that have been certified by the food and drug supervision department and the quality inspection department. Pay attention to whether the manufacturer provides detailed information on the product in the product specification or certificate."


The leader reminded the public that when using melamine tableware, try not to hold acid, oily and alkaline foods for a long time, and do not put more oily foods in melamine tableware, which can effectively prevent unfavorable melamine. Tableware releases toxic substances. When using, please pay attention to the instructions on the melamine tableware. For example, the melamine tableware can't be baked on the fire, can't be used in the microwave oven, etc. Especially, don't put the oily food in the melamine tableware and heat it in the microwave oven. Prevent it from releasing highly toxic substances.