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Inferior melamine tableware can cause cancer




Inferior melamine tableware can cause cancer


Inferior melamine tableware can cause cancer. QS logo is a safe tableware.


The melamine tableware quickly flies into the homes of ordinary people because of its bright colors, light weight and non-breaking. After the "Inferior melamine tableware containing carcinogens" was exposed by CCTV, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine issued an urgent notice requesting that a nationwide law enforcement inspection be conducted on enterprises producing and processing melamine tableware before May 15. Yesterday, when reporters visited the major supermarkets and street stores in Anyang City, they found that the inferior melamine tableware in the market is still popular. Most of these melamine tablewares are children's tableware. Most citizens are not aware of the harmfulness of inferior melamine tableware.


There are no QS on the street melamine tableware.


Yesterday afternoon, the reporter visited several large supermarkets in downtown Anyang. As soon as you enter the tableware supply area, bowls, spoons, plates and other melamine tableware are arranged one by one, and the largest variety of children's tableware. The reporter picked up a few pieces of imitation porcelain bowls and saw the words "non-toxic, no smell, high temperature 120 degrees Celsius" printed on the bottom of the bowl, most of which were marked with the QS mark. But one of the Huimei white melamine bowls has only the word "Huimei" at the bottom, and there is no safety mark.


Subsequently, the reporter visited the North Street, Donggong Road, some street shops and "two yuan shop", found that the melamine tableware here is dazzling. Pick up a copy of the porcelain plate and there is no sign at all. The price of melamine tableware in supermarkets is generally between 3 and 7 yuan, while the street-side stores generally range from 2 to 4 yuan, and most of the melamine tableware in street-level stores do not have the QS mark.


Most people do not know


Yesterday afternoon, in the Dennis department store Anyang Wenfeng store tableware shelves, several middle-aged women are choosing children's melamine tableware. “This kind of tableware is not easy to break, so it is especially convenient for children.” Several middle-aged women held their children's imitation porcelain bowls to look at the left and left, but they never paid attention to the bottom of the bowl. When the reporter asked if he knew that "inferior melamine tableware contained carcinogenic substances", several women said "I don't know."


Subsequently, the reporter contacted the staff of the Food Supervision Department of the Quality Supervision Bureau of Anyang City and learned that they had just received a notice from the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine on the special rectification activities of melamine tableware, but because Anyang City did not produce melamine tableware enterprises, So there is no response for the time being.


It is understood that on April 13, CCTV's "News 30" reported that more than 90% of the imitation porcelain tableware manufacturers in the country are unlicensed, and the inferior melamine tableware is made of toxic. Urea-formaldehyde resin, which will hydrolyze and release formaldehyde, and the more water, the stronger the acidity and the higher the temperature, the more formaldehyde is released, which is harmful to the human body and even carcinogenic. At present, the relevant departments of Anyang have not yet conducted a centralized inspection of the melamine tableware in the circulation. For the sake of safety, the public still needs to be careful when selecting melamine tableware.


■ Tips


What kind of melamine tableware is so assured?


Shao Dongliang, an expert in the Food Products Inspection Department of the National Agricultural Standardization and Monitoring Center (Anhui), reminded consumers:


● You should go to the regular supermarket to buy the melamine tableware marked with the QS mark. The information such as the site, factory name, and implementation standards should be complete. Do not buy it at the street stalls.


● High-quality melamine tableware is generally produced by regular manufacturers, and the workmanship is exquisite, while the inferior melamine tableware is rough.


●If you are not sure about the melamine tableware, you can cook the melamine tableware in boiling water for 30 minutes, take it out for 1 hour, and then cook it twice, such as whitening, blistering, cracking and pungent smell of the tableware. There is a problem with quality.


● When using melamine tableware, try not to hold acid, oily or alkaline food for a long time. Do not put more oily food in melamine tableware and heat it in a microwave oven.