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Household kitchen utensils use taboo




Household kitchen utensils use taboo

Shenzhen carpet cleaning uniform furniture, wall decoration, fabrics, lamps and overall color, etc.,

Shenzhen carpet cleaning uniform furniture, wall decoration, fabrics, lamps and overall color, etc., more and more people are turning their attention to more subtle places, for example, choose a tableware suitable for their home atmosphere The style of the tableware should complement the design of the restaurant; it should also set off the identity, status, occupation, hobbies, aesthetic taste and living habits of the owner. A set of beautiful and crafted tableware can also adjust people's mood when eating and increase appetite. However, it should be noted that the functions and functions of various types of kitchen utensils in life should be used scientifically. Otherwise, it will not only be unhelpful but harmful.


Use kitchen utensils for taboos. Avoid boiled green beans. Because the green beans contain tannins, when exposed to iron under high temperature conditions, black tannins are formed, which makes the green bean soup black and has a special smell, which not only affects appetite, taste, but also harmful to the human body.


Use of kitchen utensils for taboos, avoid stainless steel or iron pot and Chinese medicine. Because Chinese medicine contains a variety of alkaloids and various biochemical substances, especially under heating conditions, it will react with stainless steel or iron, or cause the drug to be ineffective or even have certain toxicity (when there are many complexes).


Use kitchen utensils for taboos. Avoid using aluminum pans for dishes. The aluminum pan is a kitchen utensil. Due to its poor corrosion resistance, chemical reactions occur in weak bases, weak acids, salts, etc., and special compounds are formed. Therefore, dishes, wine, and MSG should not be stored in aluminum containers overnight. Also, eggs should not be stirred in an aluminum pan, because the egg white will turn gray when it meets the aluminum, and the egg yolk will turn green. Leftovers, leftovers, etc. should not be left overnight in aluminum containers.


Use of kitchen utensils for taboos, avoid using cedar wood or odorous wood as a cutting board. Ukrainian wood contains odor and toxic substances, and its taste is not only contaminated by dishes, but also easily causes vomiting, dizziness and abdominal pain. Therefore, the preferred wood for folk cooking boards is ginkgo, saponin, birch and willow.


Kitchen utensils ni_asdq use taboos, avoid using paint or carving bamboo chopsticks. The paint applied to the chopsticks not only contains chemicals such as lead and benzene, but is harmful to health and has an odor after heat, which affects appetite. The carved bamboo chopsticks look beautiful, because they are dirty, difficult to clean, breed bacteria, and easily cause disease.


Kitchen tableware use taboos six, avoid using all kinds of color porcelain ornaments. The seasoning is preferably served in glassware. Shenzhen cleaning company benzene and other diseases, color porcelain contains lead, carcinogens. With the aging and decay of color porcelain,in the pattern pigment pollutes the food and is harmful to the human body.