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Melamine tableware raw material commentary




Melamine tableware raw material commentary

Now that diet health has become a topic of increasing concern, then the choice of tableware is more cautious.

Now that diet health has become a topic of increasing concern, then the choice of tableware is more cautious. How much do you know about melamine tableware? Perhaps the familiar tableware is ceramics, stainless steel, plastics, etc. Many people know very little about melamine tableware. Today, I would like to explain the confusion of melamine tableware.


Melamine tableware, also known as melamine tableware, melamine tableware, is an internationally popular new tableware. Since its launch, it has been characterized by its non-toxic, tasteless, non-breakable, non-deformable, impact-resistant, acid and alkali resistant properties. People's love has been widely used in the catering industry.


Melamine tableware raw material commentary. The melamine tableware is made by pressing and molding a melamine resin powder, and the raw materials used are A1 material, A3 material and A5 material. A1 material contains 30% melamine resin, and 70% component is additive, starch, etc. The tableware produced by this material contains certain melamine components, but it has plastic characteristics, high toxicity and temperature resistance. Poor sex, and variability, gloss is also very poor, the difference is very obvious.


Melamine tableware raw material explanation - A3 material is 70% melamine resin, and the other 30% is additive, starch, etc. The tableware produced with A3 material is similar to A5 material in appearance and color, many People may not be able to distinguish at first, but once the tableware produced by A3 raw materials is used, it will be obvious that it is easy to change color, fade, and easily deform at high temperature for a long time. The raw materials of A3 are cheaper than A5. There are also many unscrupulous manufacturers who use these raw materials to produce tableware and act as genuine products. Therefore, consumers must be cautious when purchasing tableware.

Melamine tableware raw material explanation - A5 raw material is 100% melamine resin, the tableware produced by A5 raw material is pure melamine tableware, its characteristics are very obvious, non-toxic and tasteless, and light heat preservation, ceramic luster, but ceramic It is resistant to bumps, not fragile, and has a beautiful appearance. The temperature range is between -30 degrees Celsius and 120 degrees Celsius, so it is widely used in catering and daily life.


The melamine tableware produced by Huizhou Wuhe Industrial Co., Ltd. is made of 100% melamine. The products are produced in strict accordance with the relevant national quality standards (QB1999-94) and the national industry-specific mandatory sanitary standards (GB9690-2009). It has been tested by the national quality inspection, sanitation, QS certification (QS44-10301-00248) and other departments. At the same time, all the technical indicators in the national random inspections conducted by the state are all qualified, and are deeply loved by people.