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How to choose children's tableware




How to choose children's tableware


Today's mom and dad are very cautious about the choice of baby tableware. It is a very knowledgeable thing to choose a wide range of children's tableware. Today I will introduce some suggestions for children's tableware selection:


1. Start with the safety of the tableware. When choosing children's tableware, we should fully consider the safety of tableware. The ceramic is fragile. The heavy metal content of stainless steel is too heavy. The plastic is easy to be toxic and not resistant to temperature. Then, in contrast, melamine tableware has become a popular choice, melamine tableware is a new type of tableware that is now popular internationally. Then, the advantages of melamine are also very obvious: it has a ceramic feel, smooth texture, non-toxic and tasteless, in line with national food hygiene standards and US FDA health standards; it is impact resistant, resistant to falling, durable; it has good heat resistance , -30℃ ~ 120℃; light insulation, will not be hot; good chemical stability, suitable for a variety of colors.


2, followed by tableware selection, combined with the characteristics of the baby to choose the tableware that can improve children's dining interest, now many manufacturers understand this truth, so they will introduce some exquisite and cute cartoon characters printed on the tableware, so the first is to increase the tableware. Beautiful, the second is to attract the baby's attention and stimulate the baby's curiosity. Remember, don't choose dishes that are too bright in color and messy in color. Too much color and too many impurities can cause lead poisoning, which is not good for your baby.


3, how to choose children's tableware, out of consideration of the safety of tableware and the practicality of the baby, can also be combined with the child's enlightenment education, to choose some children's tableware for the baby, such as a separate plate, have a special Chopsticks, put eggs or put a spoon, so that you can exercise your baby's hands-on ability, exercise the coordination ability of hands, eyes and mouth, it is also very helpful for the baby.


How to choose children's tableware, in addition to the suggestions given above, of course, mothers should pay attention to the fact that the price of melamine powder is relatively high. Many unscrupulous manufacturers will use molding powder to produce melamine tableware, so children's tableware is selected. When you go to the regular Shangchao to buy, you should carefully check whether the tableware has deformation, color difference, etc. When you purchase, you should be optimistic about whether the surface of the tableware is smooth and the pattern is clear. For colorful tableware, you can use a white napkin to wipe it back and forth. Whether it fades and so on.