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Congratulations on the “WUHE” trademark of our company was awarded as “Guangdong Famous Trademark”




Congratulations on the “WUHE” trademark of our company was awarded as “Guangdong Famous Trademark”

Congratulations on the "Wuhe" trademark won the "Guangdong Famous Trademark"

Congratulations on the "Wuhe" trademark won the "Guangdong Famous Trademark"


The sales volume has been growing steadily and the brand value has been continuously improved... Wuhe Company has been awarded the honor, and the “Wuhe” trademark has been recognized as “Guangdong Famous Trademark” by the Guangdong Administration for Industry and Commerce. Huizhou Wuhe Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of 100% pure melamine tableware. It is a leading company in domestic melamine tableware. Mainly engaged in the production and sale of " Wuhe" brand melamine tableware. With the development of the company, the company's melamine tableware has been constantly updated: the series of Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf, Disney-Vini Bear, Zodiac, and Cars have been well received by consumers in the market.


Since its establishment 19 years ago, the company has been actively taking social responsibility. In addition to strictly complying with relevant national standards, it has also passed relevant international quality certifications, and its products are sold globally. Even in the case of unfettered competition in the raw materials of similar enterprises in recent years, the raw materials have risen sharply in the industry. Always adhere to the 100% pure melamine raw materials. Thanks to this, the company's “Wuhe” brand has gradually gained popularity and market sales have been climbing.


As a food packaging product, in recent years, a series of sub-industry product quality problems that have been gradually revealed in the industry and outside the industry have reminded us of the event. Enterprises not only make money, but also bear corresponding social responsibilities. For more than ten years, the factory has consistently adhered to the quality of raw materials and products, and has been recognized by consumers and the society. It also makes us proud and gratified.


Thanks to all the new and old customers who are equally concerned about quality and responsible for consumers, the “Wuhe” people warmly welcome partners who have the courage to undertake social responsibility to visit our company and negotiate common development.