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Porcelain tableware for health knowledge in pots and pans




Porcelain tableware for health knowledge in pots and pans


Porcelain tableware for health knowledge in pots and pans: use cleaning properly


The melamine tableware should be cleaned properly. The melamine tableware is called melamine tableware, which is made by heating and pressing the melamine resin powder. Because of its excellent solvent resistance, the surface of the product has the characteristics of flatness, non-toxicity, odorlessness, resistance to falling, and automatic arc extinguishing. It has been widely used in tableware and daily necessities in recent years. However, the current market is full of inferior melamine tableware, which has buried great hidden dangers for consumers' health. At the same time, qualified melamine tableware, if used improperly, will also threaten people's health. Due to the special nature of the molecular structure of melamine plastic, for the sake of safety, try not to contain acidic or oily substances. The melamine tableware is not suitable for use in a microwave oven, and should not be used in an environment with too large a temperature difference, otherwise it may cause cracking. For the cleaning of melamine tableware, use a softer rag. Never use rags such as scouring pads and decontamination powder to clean the surface of the tableware, because scouring pad and decontamination powder will wipe the surface of the tableware, making it more susceptible to contamination. Try not to put the melamine tableware in the pot to cook the food, because the high temperature is easy to cause the toxic substances in the color pattern or the tableware material to be precipitated.


Health tips


1. Go to regular stores and supermarkets to buy, don't be cheap, buy on the stalls.


2. When purchasing, you should see if there are any manufacturers, QS signs and numbers on the package. Some products that look like melamine tableware, but are marked with "storage trays" should never be bought for use as tableware. Because such products do not have QS production licenses, they do not meet the food packaging requirements and pose a safety hazard to the human body.