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Imitative porcelain tableware wants to say that it is not easy to love you.




Imitative porcelain tableware wants to say that it is not easy to love you.

In life, the imitation porcelain bowl with cartoon patterns is a must-have for many children.

In life, the imitation porcelain bowl with cartoon patterns is a must-have for many children. The colorful imitation porcelain dishes have become the favorite of some fashion people. Recently, relevant information shows that melamine tableware, also known as melamine tableware, will release melamine under certain conditions, posing a threat to human health. In order to understand the relevant situation of the city, the reporter conducted an in-depth interview.


Full range of melamine tableware


In the tableware sales area of ​​a supermarket in the city, the reporter saw several parents picking up melamine tableware with their children. The children in their teens selected a multi-functional plate. The smaller children just got a small bowl with bright colors. I can’t put it down. One parent said: “These melamine tableware is not easy to break. It is not hot at the time of cooking. It is very light and very suitable for children.” When the reporter asked if they heard that the tableware would release melamine when heated. When they felt very surprised, "I used to hear that some milk powder contains melamine. Is it also in these bowls?"


In several supermarkets in the urban area, the reporter saw that the melamine tableware has a full range of imitation porcelain dishes, imitation porcelain plates, imitation porcelain spoons, imitation porcelain teacups, etc. These melamine tableware are colorful, even white dishes. There are also patterns printed inside, some melamine tableware is also made into various shapes, such as small fish, leaf shape, etc., so melamine tableware is welcomed by many consumers, especially young people, some young people also bought a complete set of imitation Porcelain tableware, they feel that it is convenient and fashionable to use this tableware.


Lack of effective supervision of melamine tableware


Authorities point out that melamine tableware releases melamine when heated or contained in acidic materials, so melamine tableware is forbidden to be used in microwave ovens. In the market, the reporter found that most of the melamine tableware sold in the city was produced in Zhejiang. Only a few products have the prompt of “no microwave oven use”, and some products are “three no” products with no production place and factory name.


It is understood that there is no specific standard for the detection of melamine tableware in China. In the interview, the reporter has contacted the quality supervision, health, industry and commerce departments of our city. The staff of the quality supervision department said that they only supervised the quality of the products in the production process. Since there are no manufacturers of melamine tableware in the city, they have not supervised the melamine tableware. Health department personnel said that they are only responsible for checking the tableware of restaurants and other units. The melamine tableware is not included in the scope of their inspection. During the interview, the relevant personnel of the industrial and commercial department told the reporter that they had not checked the melamine tableware before, nor received the notice from the higher authorities to arrange the inspection. Since there is no specific standard in China, they lack the basis for supervision. Only after the relevant standards of the country are determined can they conduct random inspection and supervision according to the standards, but for some "three no" products, they will increase supervision.


Consumers are cautious with melamine tableware is the key


In the absence of strong regulatory standards, several management departments also believe that the regulation of melamine tableware is not within their scope of work. In order to be responsible for their own health, consumers should only be careful when purchasing and using melamine tableware.


During the interview, the reporter learned that some citizens know that melamine tableware will release melamine under certain conditions, indicating that they will choose porcelain tableware in their lives to ensure their health.


Although melamine tableware threatens human health under certain conditions, experts advise consumers not to panic too much. According to reports, the quality of high-quality melamine tableware is relatively stable, and melamine tableware only releases melamine under certain conditions such as heating or holding acidic substances, so consumers should use melamine tableware carefully to reduce the harm. . Because the brightly colored or patterned melamine tableware is more harmful to the human body after being heated, consumers should try to choose white, unpatterned tableware when purchasing melamine tableware. The quality of inferior melamine tableware is unstable, and it is easier to cause food to be contaminated when used. Therefore, consumers should purchase melamine tableware to a better reputation to ensure the quality of the product.