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Imitation porcelain tableware is exposed to carcinogens




Imitation porcelain tableware is exposed to carcinogens


According to the introduction of many supermarket tableware clerk, in the melamine tableware, the sales of children's tableware are the biggest. Many parents will choose this kind of tableware for their baby. “Because the melamine tableware is not easy to break, plus the colorful, it is very popular among parents. Welcome". The reporter also learned that the retail price of such tableware is generally more than 30% higher than ceramic tableware. The melamine tableware is especially light because it is light and not fragile. Dong Jinshi, secretary general of the International Food Packaging Association, said that urea-formaldehyde resin is used as raw material to produce melamine tableware. After exposure to heat, acid and water, a large amount of formaldehyde is released, and formaldehyde is the second-ranking carcinogen in China. Therefore, the melamine tableware produced by the urea formaldehyde resin has great safety hazards to the health of consumers, especially children.


Rocha believes that due to factors such as lower-than-expected sugar production in India, the global sugar supply may be reduced. It is estimated that the possibility of further decline in international sugar prices is not significant. It is estimated that India's sugar production will fall from the initial forecast of about 30 million tons to the level of 2,670-26.8 million tons. In fact, in February of this year, ISO has reduced the global sugar supply surplus in the current sugar year from the 11.1 million tons expected in November last year to 9.3 million tons. Although the global sugar supply surplus in the current sugar year is likely to be further reduced, it depends on the specific situation of all sugar producing countries, and unexpected surprises may occur. ISO will release the latest supply and demand forecast data in May.


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Because of the good quality and reputation, the smugglers from all over the world have come to buy. Yang Chenghu, chairman of Ningxia Yi Enterprise Group, said that the company must bear the responsibility for quality and ensure the income of employees. "In the early stage, the investment was about 2,000 yuan per mu. The low price of the people will not be enthusiasm. Therefore, we proposed the quality protection price this year, and the price per market has reached 16 yuan in the near future. This will help to smooth out the emotions of the people and increase the centripetal force of the employees. Stabilizing the base. Although the output in the early period of this year has decreased, Uthman-auditor has not reduced the income of the employees, and has increased compared with previous years." In the interview, Li Jiyin, manager of the industrial operation department of Ningxia Yi Enterprise Group, also calculated the account for the reporter: If a contractor calculates 15 mu of land, 2,500 kg of fresh fruit per mu, which is 500 kg of dried fruit. According to the company's protection price, it will be higher than the seller's price of about 1 yuan per catty, and the average income will increase by 400~500 yuan, and 15 mu will be 6000~7000 yuan.


In 2009, the output of spring tea in Guizhou Province was 18,000 tons, with an output value of 1.47 billion yuan. At present, the area of ​​tea gardens that have passed the standardized certification has reached 340,000 mu, of which the organic tea garden covers an area of ​​over 70,000 mu, ranking second in the country. In the development of the next few years, Guizhou Province will focus on building the national tea garden of 5 million mu of tea gardens, and strive to build Guizhou into a raw material base and processing center for high-quality green tea in China, an important production base for green food tea and organic tea. Become a major province for tea production that leads the country in terms of scale, quality and brand. Guizhou has carried good tea to Shanghai many times, so that the people of Shanghai can taste the goods. This is also the opportunity in the activities of Guizhou Expo Week. With the changes in ecological environment and climatic conditions, “Western Tea Westward Movement” is an irreversible trend. Guizhou Green Tea, which is known for its organic greenness and pollution-free, has a strong competitive advantage. Eighteen kinds of profit mode of online media Wang Fuyu, deputy secretary of the Guizhou Provincial Party Committee, said that Guizhou will be willing to shoulder the heavy responsibility of “East Tea Westward Movement” and contribute more good tea.