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Stealing the day, "melamine tableware"




Stealing the day, "melamine tableware"

Recently, consumers have been talking about the "melamine" color change tableware new rules!

Recently, consumers have been talking about the "melamine" color change tableware new rules! The reporter learned from the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau yesterday that the melamine tableware (Nanjing melamine tableware) is suitable for the "Sanitary standard for melamine-formaldehyde molding products for food containers and packaging materials". The National Standardization Administration Committee announced that it will Implementation began on September 1, 2009. According to the experts of the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau, the new standard is stricter than the original standard in many aspects, and the release of harmful substances from the melamine tableware has been eliminated from the root cause. In addition, the new regulations clearly require melamine tableware to be marked with product materials, and inform the "food use" and "forbidden heating in the microwave oven" and other information. According to reports, melamine tableware is the trade name, the official name should be "melamine plastic tableware." Some unscrupulous companies have replaced the melamine formaldehyde resin with a low-cost urea-formaldehyde resin for cost savings. The reporter learned that the price of melamine formaldehyde resin on the market is at least 12,000 yuan to 13,000 yuan per ton, while the price of urea-formaldehyde resin is only 6,000 yuan per ton, and the cost is only about half of the former. However, urea-formaldehyde resins are unstable and have a higher formaldehyde content. He engineer believes that the new national standard fundamentally eliminates the use of urea-formaldehyde resin instead of melamine formaldehyde resin. According to reports, melamine is formed by polycondensation of melamine and formaldehyde, and will decompose under extreme conditions such as high temperature. He Peng said that melamine tableware (Nanjing melamine tableware) is hot-pressed. If the company increases production and speeds up the process to save costs, the high temperature is not enough, the die-casting time is insufficient, and it is easy to release substances harmful to health when used. The new national standard will change the migration limit of formaldehyde monomer from 30mg/L to 2.5mg/dm2, so that enterprises can no longer cut corners and must be processed according to sufficient process conditions within the regulations. In addition, the new national standard on the evaporation residue, potassium permanganate consumption, heavy metal limit value regulations are also more stringent, He Peng introduced, soaked in water at 60 degrees Celsius for 2 hours, due to material instability released by the material limit value than the previous standard Reduced by 5 times.