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Beautiful cutlery may not be healthy cutlery




Beautiful cutlery may not be healthy cutlery

您家里的碗、筷、勺、盘、锅都"健康"吗?或许您还不知道漂亮餐具很容易成为危害健康的隐形"杀手"吧,那就让我们来揭开这些漂亮餐具背后隐藏的危险。  陶瓷:拒绝内壁彩绘多新买餐具醋里泡  健康威胁:陶瓷餐具内壁上的彩绘虽然色彩鲜亮,但彩釉中含有铅、汞、镉等重金属元素。其中,镉和铅容易引起肝脏或其他内脏中毒,汞则能引起肝、肾硬化。陶瓷的釉彩越多,颜色越鲜艳,铅、镉等化合物就越多。  健康忠告:选陶瓷餐具

Are your bowls, chopsticks, spoons, plates, and pans "healthy"? Perhaps you don't know that beautiful tableware can easily become an invisible "killer" that is harmful to health. Let us uncover the hidden behind these beautiful tableware. Danger.


Ceramic: refuse to paint on the inner wall, buy new tableware, vinegar


Health threat: Although the color on the inner wall of ceramic tableware is bright, the color glaze contains heavy metals such as lead, mercury and cadmium. Among them, cadmium and lead are prone to liver or other visceral poisoning, and mercury can cause liver and kidney sclerosis. The more glaze of ceramics, the brighter the color, the more compounds such as lead and cadmium.


Health Advice: Choose ceramic tableware and don't pay too much attention to the pattern, especially if you don't use the painted dish on the inner wall. Newly purchased tableware can be soaked in vinegar for 2 to 3 hours to dissolve harmful substances in the glaze. In addition, do not put the porcelain in the microwave.


Stainless steel: need to be replaced in time to avoid damage to strong acid and alkali foods


Health threat: Stainless steel is made of iron-chromium alloy and other metal elements. It is very metallic and more resistant to rust than other metals. However, if used improperly, the metal elements in stainless steel will accumulate slowly in the human body, and when it reaches a certain amount, it will endanger human health.


Health Advice: Be especially careful when using stainless steel cutlery. Do not hold strong acid or alkaline foods for long periods of time. Stainless steel utensils should not be used to torment Chinese medicine. Once the stainless steel tableware is found to be deformed or the surface is damaged, it should be replaced in time.


Aluminum pan: excessive intake of aluminum can cause memory loss


Health threats: Aluminum is an element of intellectual aging that can lead to memory loss and slow thinking response. Excessive aluminum is not only an important cause of senile dementia, but also detrimental to children's brain development. Most of the aluminum in food comes from the pollution of cooking utensils (pots and shovel), especially iron and aluminum (such as iron pan aluminum shovel or aluminum pan shovel). Due to electrolysis and displacement, aluminum can be dissolved and the body can be increased. The intake of aluminum.


Health Advice: Do not use aluminum pans for a long time. Do not mix cookware and tableware made of aluminum or iron.


Non-stick pan: prevent dry burning, not frying, release toxic damage to the body


Health threats: Non-stick pans have caused many housewives to get rid of the troubles of oil pans, but the non-stick coating will crack at high temperatures and release two toxic substances, one is chlorofluorocarbon, the other is One is carbon trifluoride. The former is harmful to the animal's body tissues and will accumulate in the body; the latter is toxic and can also damage the human body.


Health advice: cooking in a non-stick pan, burning soup, etc. generally does not cause harm to the human body, but if used to fry food, there will be certain harm. Because some people like to cook the pot after cooking, burn red and then add oil, so the temperature inside the pot must exceed 260 °C. Therefore, when using a non-stick pan, it is necessary to put an end to this habit.


Plastic: Plastic bottles should never be used as oil bottles


Health threat: The grease is packed in a plastic container to produce a chemical action that decomposes harmful substances and endangers human health.


Health Advice: When selecting plastic tableware, try to choose colorless and odorless, and the words "PE" (polyethylene) and PP (polypropylene) are marked on the product. Normally, the oil should be avoided in ordinary plastic bottles.


Baby bottle: see the brand small logo to drive away the colorful flower pattern


Health threats: Some unscrupulous traders use waste to make inferior bottles, which contain a lot of toxic substances, bisphenol A. Bisphenol A can cause abnormal development of the baby's reproductive system and brain. In addition, low-molecular compounds in inferior bottles can be dissolved even at a normal temperature of 20 ° C, causing damage to organs such as the respiratory tract and lungs.


Health Advice: Inferior plastic bottles generally do not have manufacturers and brand small logos, the scale on the bottle is not accurate, the bottle is not transparent, there are spots of white impurities. At the same time, it should be noted that there should be no color pattern inside the bottle to avoid the pigment being dissolved in milk or water.


Chopsticks: Do not favor the use of paint chopsticks as natural as possible


Health threats: Painted chopsticks are beautiful, durable and washable, but the paint contains harmful substances such as lead and cadmium. Among them, benzene is a recognized carcinogen. Chopsticks with too dark color or too heavy paint coating are used for a long time. Heavy metals and harmful organic solvents in paints can cause chronic damage to the human body.


In addition, even if it is a qualified chopstick, the surface will become rough and the surface will become rough. Many small grooves will appear, which will easily leave bacteria and detergent. If it is not disinfected or replaced in time, it will provide a breeding ground for bacteria. .


Health advice: choose chopsticks as much as possible to choose paint, in addition, chopsticks to buy home to wash more, disinfection, should be dried in time after cleaning, at least one year to change chopsticks. Even between family members, chopsticks should not be mixed to avoid spreading bacteria.