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Melamine tableware is harmful to the human body




Melamine tableware is harmful to the human body


Melamine tableware is harmful to the human body


The Spring Festival is approaching, the people have more food and fruits on the table, the tainted milk incident, the recent Indian Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola insecticide incidents, I can't help but ask: Is the table still safe?


A large number of tableware with food and fruit have been on the table, and can not help but doubt the safety of these tableware. What material? Does it have any side effects on the human body?


Analysis of melamine tableware has no toxic side effects on the human body


Usually, the tableware on the table is mostly made of three types of materials: ceramic, melamine, stainless steel tableware. The safety, color, luster and artistic temperament of ceramic tableware make me feel uncomfortable. It is more suitable for the living habits and aesthetic habits of the oriental people. However, the fragility of ceramic tableware makes people have a headache. A good set of ceramic tableware is not only expensive, Fragility also determines its durability and practical value.


Stainless steel cutlery is a product of Western life. Despite the popularity trend in recent years, there is no long-term use of radicalism and history in China, and it is not in line with the living habits and aesthetic traditions of the Orientals. It is not very common in life.


Maybe I use it every day, but I don't know. Most of the tableware on my table today is a kind of melamine-based amino-plastic material. The melamine-based tableware product is not easy to be broken, corrosion-resistant, anti-aging and anti-friction. And so on, it is very suitable for home use. In recent years, it has been widely used in the fields of tableware, sanitary ware and the like.


At present, this question is definitely the most concerned melamine tableware has any toxic side effects on the human body? According to Ma Zhanfeng, an expert of China Plastics Processing Industry Association, the melamine-based tableware is harmless to the human body and can be used with confidence. Because in the synthesis of melamine-based materials, the processing temperature is 145 165 degrees Celsius, the pressure is 25 35 MPa, and the curing time is 10 15 seconds. Under high temperature and high pressure, a chemical reaction occurs during processing, and finally a product that is insoluble in water is present. The melamine tableware that has undergone such a production process is safe and non-toxic, as long as it is a melamine tableware that has passed the quality inspection, and has no toxic side effects on the human body.


It's like putting a piece of candy in a big pot without any harm. A doctor from the Malaysian Consumers Association said that when the plate made of melamine plastic can be used safely, the image has a metaphor that fully proves the hygiene and safety of melamine plastic. According to relevant information, the Singapore Food and Veterinary Bureau, melamine tableware has been properly used from the invention to the present, history has proved to be safe, but must pay attention to a detail when using: melamine tableware usually will be noted, pay attention to melamine tableware Can't be grilled on fire or used in a microwave oven.


Because melamine tableware is non-toxic, not easily broken, and resistant to corrosion, it is also popular among consumers around the world. Melamine tableware is widely used all over the world. The history of using melamine tableware has been more than 50 years. Every day, billions of people in the world use melamine resin tableware. The safety has been tested by history, and the price is also high. Consumers are generally welcome. The Japanese began using melamine tableware in 1960. In 1967, it quickly expanded to an annual output of 80,000 tons, which was very popular at the time. Since the 1960s, melamine tableware has been used in the country for 40 years, and it has been proven to be harmless after being used by billions of people. Therefore, from the history of the use of melamine tableware, it is also completely safe for me to choose and use.


The non-toxicity and safety of melamine tableware is one of the reasons why it is popular in the world. At the same time, melamine plastic itself is colorless and transparent, non-toxic and tasteless, with high surface hardness, scratch resistance, high gloss and bright color. It can be used in a 150 degree environment, with good toughness and not easy to break, and it has completely become a substitute substitute for ceramic tableware. Added a lot of highlights to my ordinary table. A set of melamine tableware with strong artistic flavor, although it is quite different from the price of expensive ceramic tableware, it has bright colors and high gloss. It feels that there is not much difference between high-grade ceramic tableware and high-grade ceramic tableware. Moreover, practicality and durability far exceed ceramics, ideal for home life.


Then, how to choose qualified melamine tableware products? Some inferior melamine tableware products on the market look from the outside, it is difficult for ordinary consumers to distinguish the difference between the two, the interest of inferior melamine tableware is less than half of the regular melamine tableware. And formaldehyde will be released during use, and temporary use will endanger health. When consumers buy melamine tableware, they must first look at whether the product is a three-no product. This is the most direct way to distinguish between genuine and fake products.