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Melamine tableware




Melamine tableware


Melamine tableware, imitation porcelain, melamine, plastic porcelain, tableware, scientific porcelain


Here are some tips on tableware to share with you. Nowadays, many people, including many hotels, restaurants, school cafeterias, and fast food restaurants, are using melamine tableware. So what is melamine tableware? What is melamine? I will talk to you today.


Features of melamine tableware:


1. Melamine tableware, also known as imitation porcelain, melamine, plastic porcelain, scientific porcelain, etc.;


2. Made of Melamine, Melamine is also called melamine powder (melamine powder, referred to as MMC). It is a powdery thermoforming material with melamine as the main component;


3. Product Features:


It combines the advantages of ceramics and plastics. It is an internationally popular new tableware. Its main features are:


• Safe and hygienic, non-toxic and tasteless


• Hard, durable and not easily broken


• Acid and alkali resistant, excellent resistance to grease, acid, alkali and various solvents


• The surface is smooth and easy to wash


• Good temperature resistance, excellent performance between -20 ° C ~ +120 ° C


• Light weight, specific gravity of 1.6, moderate weight


• The surface can be printed with beautiful, vivid patterns and is not easy to peel off


• Low thermal conductivity, easy to hold even with hot items


Two. Production process:


Preheating, forming, applique, gold, grinding, polishing


three. Identification of high quality melamine products


1. Visual inspection: The high-quality melamine products have smooth surface, good gloss, no burrs, and the mold line is processed very smoothly, the pattern is not biased, and there is no flaw.


2, hand touch: feel the surface is smooth and delicate, not scratching, the texture is better.


3. Professional testing:


- 2 hours freeze test;


- 1 hour dishwasher test;


—— 2 hours light resistance test;


- 1 hour boiling water test;


- 2 hours soy sauce contamination test;


- 1 hour baking test;


—— American ASTM-F963 standard, finished product landing test;


Judging criteria: After the above rigorous testing, the product has no deformation, no cracks, no discoloration, sufficient brightness on both sides, and the product is not damaged after the landing test, it is considered a high-quality melamine product.