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Rational view of melamine tableware harm




Rational view of melamine tableware harm

Melamine tableware is made from melamine powder (known in the industry as 100% melamine or A5 material) according to the size of the tableware, made into cake, colored (according to the design style)

Rational view of melamine tableware harm


First, what is melamine tableware?


Melamine tableware is made from melamine powder (known in the industry as 100% melamine or A5 material) according to the size of the tableware, made into cake, colored (according to the design style), high temperature pressing mold, glazing, heat preservation, polishing and polishing ( It is made by several procedures such as removing the burrs and testing the packaging. Its appearance and feel are generally the same as those of porcelain. It is difficult to distinguish without careful observation. Therefore, it is also called melamine tableware and melamine. It is one of the food packaging containers commonly used at home and abroad.


Qualified melamine tableware physical and chemical indicators should meet the requirements of GB9690-88, QB1999-94 and other mandatory standards, with stable performance (non-toxic and tasteless for normal use), acid and alkali resistance (free formaldehyde content and melamine migration, etc. meet the standard requirements) The surface is flat, the hardness and impact strength are relatively high (resistance to fall, not easy to break), and the arc can be automatically extinguished.


The melamine powder is made up of melamine melamine formaldehyde tree as the main raw material and mixed with an appropriate amount of pulp cellulose filler.


2. Does melamine meal have quality safety risks?


1. Qualified melamine tableware.


Qualified melamine tableware is safe to use under normal conditions.


Due to the above physical and chemical characteristics of melamine tableware and its price advantage, melamine tableware has a wide range of applications in tableware and daily necessities. Common applications are mainly in infant tableware (fear of breaking) and some chain restaurants ( Price, easy to order, decals and gold coloring form the inherent characteristics of the company), such as Zhangzhou Yonghe soy milk, foreign fast food, porridge trays, etc. are all using melamine tableware.


After using the melamine tableware for a period of time, it is affected by the dissolution of acid, alkali, fat, alcohol, etc., physical wear, long-term heat and other aspects. The surface of the tableware (ie, the glaze is actually the same as the glaze of porcelain). It is easy to form a layer of brown spotted marks, which affects the appearance of the tableware. If you are careful, this is actually the case with our porcelain tableware for a period of time, and it is still safe under normal use. However, after all, it is not very beautiful, you can consider replacing it.


The normal use of so-called melamine tableware refers to: normal diet, heat resistance 120 ° C, can not be fired, contain some highly corrosive items (corrosion is very common in the life of common alkali).


2. Fake melamine tableware.


The so-called inferior refers to the use of melamine powder produced by the non-conforming product; the so-called pseudo, refers to the urine aldehyde resin tableware as a melamine tableware. Due to the simple production process of melamine tableware and the small scale of enterprises, molds, equipment, workers and other aspects have also led to many unqualified melamine tablewares entering the market (so-called bad). However, the common "pseudo" in the market is more than "inferior", that is, the urethane aldehyde tableware is pretending to be a melamine tableware.


In fact, the use of urine aldehyde resin tableware to pretend melamine tableware is mainly caused by price factors. The production process and process of the two are basically the same as above, and the difference lies in the raw materials. Melamine tableware is the main raw material melamine powder, which is a melamine melamine formaldehyde tree which is formed by reacting melamine with formaldehyde. The main raw material of urethane aldehyde resin tableware is A1 powder, which is a urea aldehyde resin formed by reacting urea with formaldehyde. The core difference between the two is whether to use melamine or urea to react with formaldehyde. The price of melamine is higher than that of urea, and the molecular weight is also larger than that of urea. The synthesized A5 powder is more stable than A1 powder. This is a bit like the glue used in home decoration or construction, whether it is the presence or absence of melamine in it.


From the above, we can see that the authentic melamine tableware has different molecular structure due to the different materials used, and the performance of the authentic melamine tableware is also different: 1 different strength, "true" is more than "pseudo" strength Strong; 2 different adsorption, "true" is easier to clean than "pseudo"; 3 heat resistance is different, "true" can be heat resistant to 120 ° C, "pseudo" can only withstand up to 80 ° C; 4 color fastness is different, "true "Compared with "pseudo" is not easy to leg color, discoloration; 5 different sanitary performance, "true" can meet the standard of tableware, "pseudo" is not a tableware, can not be used as a container for direct contact with food.


The harm of the fake melamine tableware is that it is unstable, the formaldehyde is over-standard, and it may cause cancer in the long-term, causing chronic harm to health.


Third, how to buy qualified melamine tableware


As can be seen from the above, the cost of authentic melamine tableware is different. Therefore, it is first reflected in the price.


Buy this kind of tableware, especially for children's tableware (we want to train children to eat independently, generally use the tableware that does not touch), it is recommended to go to the big shopping malls to buy higher-priced products. Judging from the senses, you can touch it by hand - smooth, with porcelain; seeing - flat, no burrs, no marks; nose smell - no pungent odor, feeling fresh. In addition, the printing and packaging of the tableware produced by the regular company is generally clearer, paying special attention to three points: whether the factory name, the barcode is clear, and whether the QS mark is printed.


There are two other simple methods to refer to. 1 Take the tableware to be inspected for 5 minutes in the microwave oven (the real melamine tableware is best not to be used in the microwave oven). According to the appearance change of the tableware, it can be distinguished: only the blackened melamine tableware; accompanied by popping sound, the product White bubble spots appear on the surface, and there is a pungent smell of urine aldehyde resin tableware; 2 ignite a cigarette, take a sip, put the burning cigarette butt on the tableware to be inspected, do not let it go out, can blow About half a cigarette, remove the ash, wipe the smoke marks, according to its wiping condition can distinguish the authenticity, good and bad, high-quality melamine tableware, wipe clean, glazed no marks, common can see urine aldehyde resin tableware A mottled example of a made ashtray.


Fourth, the investigation of the situation of counterfeit melamine tableware


The state implements production license management for melamine tableware. From January 1, 2008, melamine tableware that does not have a production license for industrial products shall not be produced, sold, or used in operation. According to Article 2 of the new Food Safety Law adopted by the Seventh Session of the 11th National People's Congress Standing Committee, "Packaging materials, containers, detergents, disinfectants for food and tools and equipment for food production and management "Production and management", which falls within the scope of adjustment of the National Food Safety Law, must comply with the provisions of the law.


Simply put, melamine tableware is listed in the production license management catalog, and the QS mark must be attached to the product to be sold.


One thing to note is that the production license is for domestic production and sales operations. For the export of melamine tableware is not required, but should be qualified in the commodity inspection, in line with the import area regulations. It is understood that melamine tableware is mainly produced in Quanzhou, Guangdong and Jiangsu, and many of them are export enterprises. Therefore, what the media said in the country is almost unsubstantiated, although it is true, but some of them have other reasons, and they are not general.


Five, outside the question


In fact, Aliang believes that the QS certificate is a product of a last resort. If there is a lack of conscience, and if there is a lack of conscience, it may still produce inferior things for the purpose of profit-seeking. The "three deer" who are the former rot are the evidence; if the undocumented enterprise is self-disciplined, the conscience is high, It is possible to produce a qualified product. Being certified and undocumented is actually a prerequisite. There are no necessary conditions, of course, there is no guarantee that qualified products will be produced, and even products that are not qualified (but for those with simple processes, Aliang does not think so). But on the contrary, there are necessary conditions, and the quality of the product cannot be guaranteed. This is an obvious logical relationship.


The state has formulated regulations and frameworks in this respect, and its original meaning is to strengthen pre-production, process, and post-natal supervision. However, under the careful study, the legislators themselves are caught in the paradox of trust and non-trust. Imagine if the post-production supervision is sufficient, the enterprise owner is self-disciplined, and why do you need a painting snake such as the previous production license? If the post-production supervision has no way, the business owner does not have self-discipline and can't take him. What is the use of more licenses? For example, is it also wine, is there a license for Jinmen Sorghum and Chivas Regal distilled liquor?


There are now legal formulators who seem to be convinced that everything is legal. It is true that the existence of law is, on a philosophical level, an authoritarian system, and some people have autocracy against another. Therefore, the law that everyone says good or bad is definitely a bad law. However, if the legislation does not seek enforcement, if there is a slogan-style law that is ignorant and unpredictable, for example, why is it that the crimes of drug trafficking and robbery are not the same, and why, fearing that it will be broken by the net, it is not conducive to Fight criminals. I’m far away today, and I’ll talk again later.