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Analysis of current green environmental protection tableware development




Analysis of current green environmental protection tableware development

At the end of 2000, the State Economic and Trade Commission No. 6 ordered the deadline for the elimination of disposable foamed plastic tableware.

At the end of 2000, the State Economic and Trade Commission No. 6 ordered the deadline for the elimination of disposable foamed plastic tableware. In April, May and December of 2001, the State Economic and Trade Commission also specialized or with the State Environmental Protection Administration and the State Administration of Industry and Commerce. The General Administration of Inspection and Quarantine will issue a document, reaffirming the ban on the production and use of disposable foam plastic tableware throughout the country, and requiring local and relevant departments to strengthen law enforcement supervision to ensure that the elimination work can reach the target faster. Judging from the overall situation of the current market, it should be said that there has been a big change in the work of eliminating disposable foamed plastic tableware in the previous period. However, there are some problems in replacing and replacing what products are used after elimination, especially as a major substitute. The green environmental protection tableware did not play its leading role. In many places, it was still in a state of quietness, and some media reports that the East and West were broken and failed to objectively and comprehensively reflect the real situation of green and environmentally-friendly tableware. Can not help but make many people concerned about the development of green tableware is deeply disturbed! In view of this, we feel that it is necessary to analyze the objective situation of the current green tableware and its production enterprises, as well as the main problems of the development of green tableware for reference.


First, the current situation of green environmental protection tableware and its production enterprises


Generally speaking, the trend of green and environmentally-friendly tableware is moving forward, which is also inseparable from the great progress in the elimination of disposable foamed plastic tableware. Judging from the investigation and understanding, the flooding of disposable foam plastic tableware in most areas has been curbed. Some major foam plastic tableware manufacturers (including foreign capital, Taiwanese-funded enterprises and Hong Kong-funded enterprises) have been discontinued nationwide. The phenomenon of publicly selling disposable foamed plastic tableware in the tableware market of major cities has been greatly reduced. The foamed plastic tableware currently used in the market mainly comes from small production workshops and individual unlicensed enterprises around the city. On this issue, convenience food manufacturers are doing better. We have browsed supermarkets in several cities and found that the convenient (bowl) surface has basically been replaced with environmentally friendly packaging. However, this kind of development is also unbalanced due to the variety, output and geographical range of green tableware. The variety is mainly reflected in the demand for several large products in cups, lunch boxes, supermarket trays and instant noodle bowls. Among them, the demand for environmentally friendly drinking utensils is the largest, followed by fast food boxes, convenient for food packaging, and the total demand for supermarket trays is the least. There are policy reasons for this, as well as people's living habits. Of course, there are also price differences (use value). )The problem. From different regions, the number of disposable tableware used in the eastern coastal areas is the largest, and the response to the change in substitution work is also sensitive. The demand in the central and western regions is relatively small, and due to the scattered production, the elimination and substitution work. They are relatively weaker. In major cities, large and medium-sized hotels and hotels are more responsible for the substitution work, and basically can be sustained. The situation of small restaurants and roadside fast food restaurants has not changed greatly. Most small and medium-sized cities have changed little in general. Some of these imbalances are historical reasons, while others are due to the level of economic development. However, specific to a certain city, region or a certain enterprise may cause a certain degree of influence or even misleading to consumers and investors, thus affecting The speed of the overall development of green and environmentally friendly tableware.


Judging from the actual situation of production enterprises, product manufacturers now face major choices in structural adjustment and variety development. This is because the original product manufacturing enterprises are generally small in scale and relatively single in variety. It is difficult to adapt to the current situation. Market demand. At the same time, after several years of market testing, different types of environmentally-friendly tableware need to re-determine their market position for their own characteristics. In the past six months or so, quite a number of relatively strong companies have done this kind of preparation to varying degrees. Judging from the current situation, enterprises with an annual output of 50 million pieces (based on 500ml lunch boxes) have been difficult to operate for a long time, and the prototypes of enterprises with production capacity of nearly 100 million or more than 100 million have been quietly formed. In line with this, equipment manufacturers have tried every means to improve the process and improve production capacity and product quality. The original batch of mechanical equipment has basically withdrawn from the current production field. After 1999, the semi-automatic and automatic tableware production lines of different models have been introduced in various places. After more than two years of debugging and improvement, the complete production capacity can be formed. Not only can the production quality be guaranteed to be steadily improved, but also the production cost can be greatly reduced. The large-scale benefits have taken a crucial step towards intensive and large-scale production of green and environmentally-friendly tableware. At present, the bottleneck problem of winding production enterprises is mainly the acceptance of the market, that is, the market share. Although the introduction of government policies has expanded a space for green and environmentally-friendly tableware, this space does not mean that it is a realistic market. This is because the original consumers have switched to regular tableware, such as some schools and Organs; some markets are occupied by some plausible plastic tableware; others are still using foam tableware. In this way, the market space that is really reserved for environmentally-friendly tableware is not too large. Coupled with some problems that need to be improved in the development of green tableware, the staged reduction of the tableware market is understandable. The current situation Does not represent the true capacity of this market.


Some people may say that the fundamental problem in the green tableware market is the price issue, but from the actual consumption analysis, the price issue is still relatively superficial. From the situation we understand, it is an undeniable fact that the production cost of green tableware products has been significantly reduced, and the price of products has gradually stabilized in a roughly reasonable position. We can use the price of 97-year-old foam tableware for comparison: At that time, the sales price of a set of foamed lunch boxes/Chopsticks in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou was about 0.22 yuan. At that time, I did not hear anyone objecting to this; After the introduction of the No. 6 Order of the Economic and Trade Commission, the price of foamed tableware fell sharply all the way, and even slipped to the incredible snack box of 0.07-0.08 yuan/day; while the environmentally-friendly tableware is currently maintained at a price of around 0.20 yuan/day. It is accused that the price is too high for consumers to accept, which is a phenomenon that is contrary to economic laws and puzzling. We believe that the emergence of this problem, in addition to the reasons for the price of tableware itself, there are also some misleading formed by the interests of the industry. Our view is that in the development and competition of the disposable tableware market, the price has an important role, but it is not a decisive role, because the so-called degradable plastic lunch box is not cheaper than the environmentally friendly lunch box; The low-cost guidance will lead to the production and consumption of green tableware, which will not only mislead the development of the environmental protection industry, but also affect the implementation of national industrial policies and environmental protection policies.


Second, the basic analysis of the development of green tableware


After the second half of last year, most of the green tableware manufacturers entered a period of great adjustment. This was an inevitable process in the development of green tableware, and an important reason why the whole replacement work appeared slack last year. However, due to the lack of good guidance and publicity, people outside the industry are basically ignorant or little known about it. Many people who care about the development of green tableware but don’t know much about it are worried about this. Disjointed, on the one hand, makes consumers more at a loss, on the other hand, it also affects investors' investment confidence. Regarding the adjustment of green and environmentally-friendly tableware enterprises, the industry generally believes that the principles of scientific rationality, innovative development, and measurement should be adhered to. This kind of adjustment is actually the integration of resources to accumulate strength. It is a necessary preparation for regaining competition for the market. On the surface, it seems that the whole green and environmentally-friendly tableware has gone all the way to a low tide. However, from the perspective of long-term development, the various kinds of enterprises have been re-established. Positioning is a strategic adjustment for greater progress, rather than a knife and gun, and the horse is placed in Nanshan.


In this market-oriented, strategic adjustment with variety, quality, and output as the core, paper-cut tableware manufacturers have the greatest impact. According to incomplete statistics, about two-thirds of the paper-cut tableware manufacturers in the country stopped production. All paper-cut tableware manufacturers did not have a record of three full-load production per day, the output of paper-cut tableware and the market. The market share has also declined to a considerable extent. Some enterprises that could barely start work have stopped production due to lack of liquidity, market shrinkage or other reasons. The paper-cut tableware manufacturers that can maintain normal production in the second half of last year are probably no more than 20 in the country. Home, this phenomenon has caused great uneasiness in paper-cut tableware manufacturers. As other kinds of green tableware, such as: cardboard, plant fiber, modified starch and other tableware products are constantly developing, the market share is significantly improved, in which the cardboard tableware is even more, according to the unified and The news of two masters of instant noodles in Master Kong, cardboard packaging has accounted for a considerable proportion of the environmentally-friendly tableware that they have replaced this year. There is also an unavoidable problem in the elimination and replacement of tableware, that is, the state has banned foamed plastic tableware, while other non-foaming plastic tableware that is also non-degradable is extremely simple in its simple production mode and low cost. Into the market, we believe that the two non-degradable plastic tableware are the same, and the environmental hazards are basically the same. Some are even the foaming tableware that has been changed, but because they are not in the “blacklist”, they can avoid the prohibition and elimination. Doom, this not only affects the balance of the entire tableware market, but also greatly reduces the implementation of national policies.


At the end of December last year, the State Economic and Trade Commission and other four departments jointly issued a document requesting to strengthen the law enforcement supervision of the elimination of disposable foam plastic tableware. However, the entire environmental protection tableware industry generally believes that the current law enforcement supervision work does not have a stable law enforcement team. Lack of strong enforcement methods, and there is no clear law enforcement goal. The best places are limited to the state of “headaches, pains and pains”, not to mention that a considerable number of provinces and cities are not necessary at all. the response to. Regarding the different roles of policies and markets, we believe that the majority of enterprises and business leaders should have a clear understanding that the government's policies may have some effects in the current state, especially when China's emerging environmental protection industry started. However, enterprises must not rely on the government's policies to determine their own survival and development. After China enters the WTO, this effect will become more apparent. We cannot maintain the history of business operations in the planned economy mode by relying on policy documents in the trend of the market economy. Full of attachment and reluctance. The core of the market economy is the market share of products and the maximization of profits of enterprises. From the current situation, the government has not helped the enterprises too much. The government's functions should be to coordinate, serve and manage the market. Entering the market, but entering the market can only rely on the company itself to take a step. Enterprises can't solve the problems of market entry, and they can't solve all the problems that enterprises face.


It is undeniable that green tableware is currently facing fierce competition from both inside and outside. However, in the state of market economy, in the reality that the country is constantly demanding to break the monopoly of the industry, no competition is an illusion. We believe that the competition for green tableware is inevitable. Competition is also the biggest driving force for the progress of green tableware enterprises. It is also the magic weapon for green tableware to defeat the enemy. There is no way out of competition and competition. However, we must also point out that, in view of the strength and profit space of domestic green and environmentally-friendly tableware manufacturers, there is no such thing as low-price competition. This young and fragile domestic green tableware industry cannot be suspected of having some profits. Compared with the home appliance industry or the automobile industry, the vicious competition of low prices is harmful to others. Because the low price of green and environmentally-friendly tableware must be based on the premise of cutting corners and shoddy, this not only damages the image of the company, but also tarnishes the reputation of the whole green tableware industry. There are mountains outside the mountains, and there are days outside the sky. In the recent period, the export volume of domestic green and environmentally-friendly tableware has gradually increased, and more and more foreign-funded enterprises have cooperated with it. With the author's personal experience, it is not too long-term for green tableware to be integrated into global economics. After China's accession to the WTO, we should adjust the product structure and market layout by the rules of the WTO, give full play to the advantages of China's green and environmentally-friendly tableware in raw materials and manpower, actively participate in the competition of disposable tableware overseas market, and expand the development of green tableware. A larger space for activities than a low-level competition in domestic limited markets?

Due to the lack of unified and vigorous promotion and guidance of the domestic green tableware production industry, there are even some guidelines for selling dog meat, which has led to obstacles in communication between the industry and the industry, especially with the media. The situation of green and environmentally-friendly tableware and its production enterprises is generally unknown or in a state of ignorance. In the past, there have been some unilateral reports in individual media, mainly because individual writers have swallowed up their minds, or they have tried to make a patchwork. They have neither practical experience nor rationality. Analysis, the subjective in the closed house, the conclusion of the chaos, so it is inevitable to negatively affect the promotion and popularization of green tableware. "Critical weapons can't replace the criticism of weapons." Standing on the land under their feet, and constantly introducing products that can be accepted by the market and can withstand competition, this is the attitude that a modern qualified enterprise should have. The good news is that after years of severe market storms, most green tableware manufacturers are aware that “development is the last word.” Under this concept, we have no reason not to look forward to the new green tableware. The arrival of the round of development climax!