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Wuhe Industrial Zone, Huangdong Industrial Park, Zhenlong Town, Huiyang District, Huizhou, Guangdong Zip

Company Profile

Company Profile

Company Profile

Huizhou moreware industrial co.,ltd. is a large-scale private enterprise with professional research and development and production of food-grade melamine resin tableware for 26 years. The company's predecessor, Shenzhen Wuhe Plastic Co., Ltd. was established in 1994, and in June 2006, it expanded its production capacity. To better serve the market, the production base moved to the Zhenlong Wuhe Industrial Park, Huiyang District, Huizhou City, which covers an area of ​​32,000 square meters. The company name was changed to Huizhou Wuhe Industrial Co., Ltd. in the same year.
Melamine tableware, also known as melamine, imitation porcelain, plastic porcelain, scientific porcelain tableware, is an internationally popular new tableware, the English name MELAMINE WARE. It is non-toxic, tasteless, light, impact resistant, non-deformable, not easily broken, acid and alkali resistant (temperature resistance is -30 ° C - +120 ° C), durable and easy to wash.
The “Wuhe” brand melamine tableware produced by the company is favored by consumers and grows with a generation. As the leading company of domestic melamine tableware, we have always been based on the principle of “Quality is life, service is the market”, and we have more than 10 professional R&D design teams. Many product models, appearances and cartoon designs have been registered. And the patent authorization of the State Intellectual Property Office. The company always adheres to the principle of food-grade melamine resin raw materials. The products are produced in strict accordance with relevant national quality standards, and are subject to inspection by the quality supervision departments at all levels of the country every year.
In addition to strictly complying with national standards, the company took the lead in the industry to pass ISO9001 international quality system certification, SGS international notarization and passed the US FDA standard test, Carrefour, China Resources Vanguard, TESCO own brand suppliers to strictly verify and become their own With brand suppliers, the company has gradually established a complete set of quality management systems in line with global standards. Since 2013, “Wuhe” brand melamine tableware products have been awarded Guangdong famous brand products for years, and “Wuhe” melamine tableware has been assessed as a famous trademark in Guangdong Province.
After 26 years of market baptism, the “Wuhe” brand melamine tableware industry has a market share of more than 10%, and the domestic modern channel market share exceeds 70%. There are 29 directly-operated offices in the country. More than 200 sales staff with college education or above, annual sales of more than 400 million yuan. In the past twenty-five years, with excellent product quality, excellent service and professional scale operation, it has been the same as Wal-Mart, Carrefour, RT-Mart, China Resources Vanguard (including China Resources Suguo, Tesco), Yonghui (including super species), Auchan, Beijing Hualian, Metro, Century Lianhua, Yichu Lotus, Renrenle, Qingdao Liqun, Jusco, New Century Department Store, Tmall, Jingdong, Ole', Nanjing Golden Eagle, Baby Room, Hong Kong Everyone, Big Joy, Maxim, Yonghe Dawang, Yang Guofu, California Beef Noodles, Haidilao, Rustic, Huawei, Tencent, Axiangmi Line, Sangu Caocai, Hutaoli and other international and domestic large supermarkets, boutique supermarkets, baby children, restaurant chain group established strategic partners Relationship, and won the title of "National Excellent Supplier" of many customers mentioned above.
Since 2005, the company has introduced mashimaro, ultraman.tiga, Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf, chibi maruko chan, and balala. blazing teens, Disney Mickey Minnie, Winnie The Pooh, Cars2, Super Marine, Hello Kitty, Melody, Doraemon, Peppa Pig, and Xiaohuang are authorized to cooperate and produce high-quality melamine household items.
Thanks to all the new and old customers who are equally concerned about quality and responsible for consumers, the “Wuhe” people warmly welcome partners who have the courage to undertake social responsibility to visit, negotiate and develop together.